Release Notes - SonarQube - Version 3.1 - HTML format


  • [SONAR-2073] - Provide a filter widget
  • [SONAR-3145] - During long migration access to Sonar should be not allowed
  • [SONAR-3146] - During migration second upgrade should not be allowed
  • [SONAR-3457] - Make it possible to add some project widget to a global dashboard
  • [SONAR-3458] - Extend the existing dashboard extension point to programmatically define some global dashboards
  • [SONAR-3459] - Extend the existing widget extension point to programmatically define some widgets on global dashboards
  • [SONAR-3460] - During migration to Sonar 3.1, create a new global dashboard for each existing filter
  • [SONAR-3461] - Make it possible to sort the list of global dashboards and to select which dashboards to display BY DEFAULT
  • [SONAR-3462] - Make it possible to sort the list of global dashboards and to select which dashboards to display FOR THE CURRENT USER
  • [SONAR-3464] - Removal of the "Default Filters" page
  • [SONAR-3465] - The "Filters" page should be renamed "My Filters" and should be moved close to the "My Profile" page


  • [SONAR-3308] - Removing a detached instance org.sonar.api.batch.Event
  • [SONAR-3348] - The Links column on the filters page provides a Developer Connection link that browsers do not support
  • [SONAR-3397] - Widget "Custom Measures" is empty
  • [SONAR-3406] - Missing HTML escape in "Edit rule" page in Quality profiles for rule parameters
  • [SONAR-3424] - The HTML lists are badly displayed in the rule description pop-up
  • [SONAR-3425] - Error when saving any setting with Derby and on a Project
  • [SONAR-3429] - In rule descriptions, paragraphs ("<p>" tags) should have some vertical spacing
  • [SONAR-3442] - Embedded error: Fail to decorate 'xxx'
  • [SONAR-3443] - Active Reviews widget - page scrolling doesn't work
  • [SONAR-3444] - Name and description of the Treemap widget is missing
  • [SONAR-3445] - The path "Search" feature on filters doesn't work any more
  • [SONAR-3448] - Sonar fails to start if the sonar.jdbc.* properties are encrypted
  • [SONAR-3456] - Title of metric hotspot widget does not support i18n
  • [SONAR-3480] - There is no way to delete one of the three default Filters : Projects, Treemap and My Favourites
  • [SONAR-3481] - The three default Filters appear in the "My Filters" page of all users whereas they should only appear for the sonar administrators
  • [SONAR-3483] - The "My Filters" page should not display filters which are owned by another user
  • [SONAR-3494] - [Project Roles] Rename Default roles for new Projects to Default Roles For New Projects
  • [SONAR-3528] - Pagination is broken on reviews widgets
  • [SONAR-3555] - Content type is missing on static files provided by plugins
  • [SONAR-3561] - Timeline widget cannot be displayed if one of the selected metrics has no value at all

New Feature

  • [SONAR-2706] - Add extension point to the Review functionality in order to link review to external tracking system like JIRA or Crucible
  • [SONAR-2950] - Single Sign On with external authentication mechanism
  • [SONAR-3016] - New extension point: filter template


  • [SONAR-2313] - Add info about build number into Sonar distribution
  • [SONAR-3240] - Fully remove support of old format for DUPLICATIONS_DATA
  • [SONAR-3428] - Should support Infinitest
  • [SONAR-3477] - End of support of IE6


  • [SONAR-1076] - Dedicated rule-set space for unit tests
  • [SONAR-1927] - Global dashboards
  • [SONAR-2030] - Filters : Display the root project when defining a path filter
  • [SONAR-3074] - Migrate to Findbugs 2.0
  • [SONAR-3083] - When a root resource is defined in a filter, it should be possible to display only the direct children of this root resource
  • [SONAR-3126] - Stop the Sonar Analysis when the Sonar batch and the Sonar server are not using the same DB
  • [SONAR-3182] - Remove the support of PMD CPD
  • [SONAR-3218] - Improve the Sonar migration service by preventing any parallel executions
  • [SONAR-3371] - Sort the Shared filters list
  • [SONAR-3375] - Add a warning message in the footer when the browser is IE6
  • [SONAR-3378] - Make configurable the number of hours before keeping onle one snapshot per day
  • [SONAR-3381] - In the "Components" page, reverse the hyperlinks on the resource names and magnifying glasses
  • [SONAR-3422] - Filters are very long to be displayed with MsSQL as soon as the result is sorted on a metric
  • [SONAR-3431] - Complete the web service /api/profiles to backup and restore profile
  • [SONAR-3454] - Remove the column character ":" after On new code on the unit test widget
  • [SONAR-3455] - Typo on Differential Views => Period 1 => description + add which snapshot is taken into account when a date or a period is selected
  • [SONAR-3467] - Remove the "Edit layout" action from the dashboard action menu and make it possible to select a layout directly from the "Configure Widgets" mode
  • [SONAR-3471] - Add a link to the "My Filters" page when editing a Filter widget
  • [SONAR-3473] - Improve the parameter sonar.forceAuthentication
  • [SONAR-3482] - Prevent removing a filter which is used by a widget
  • [SONAR-3495] - Initial exception is lost when settings can't be decrypted
  • [SONAR-3537] - Improve performances of the treemap filter
  • [SONAR-3565] - Prevent executing any SQL delete requests on the 'project_measures' having a nested SELECT request on another table

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