Release Notes - SonarQube - Version 3.5 - HTML format


  • [SONAR-4092] - From a unit test allow to access to the lines covered by this unit test
  • [SONAR-4093] - From a covered line of code provide the ability to retrieve the unit tests covering this line
  • [SONAR-4094] - On each source file, provide the ability to list all unit tests covering at least one line of code in this source file


  • [SONAR-2965] - Sonar analysis is affected by connection timeout
  • [SONAR-3441] - Incorrect alignment of checkboxes for notification channels ("My profile" page)
  • [SONAR-3612] - Custom servlet filters are not loaded after database upgrade
  • [SONAR-3820] - Error when calling /api/violations webservice API
  • [SONAR-3837] - The Sonar violation tracking mechanism hangs and consumes lot of memory when a source file containing lot of violations on a rule is updated
  • [SONAR-3843] - Unable to determine structure of Maven project
  • [SONAR-3909] - % and _ should be taken into account as any other character by the search engine
  • [SONAR-3932] - problems with "Raw" link in Violations drilldown for user without Code Viewer role
  • [SONAR-3981] - Column sort broken on project_reviews page
  • [SONAR-3990] - The behavior of the "project" selector component is broken when adding several instances of the same project widget to a global dashboard
  • [SONAR-3991] - The behavior of the metric selector component is broken when adding several instances of the same project widget to a global dashboard
  • [SONAR-4009] - The behavior of "previous_version" option to define a differential view depends on the content of the snapshot.version column but not of the events table
  • [SONAR-4012] - Missing html escape in project name
  • [SONAR-4037] - If a pending updated Measures filter is "saved" without having first "Closed" the "Change Columns" section most last column changes are lost
  • [SONAR-4060] - The Settings page is not available on modules
  • [SONAR-4064] - No way to edit a user when its password is empty
  • [SONAR-4065] - During migration of measure filter to Sonar 3.4, the criteria 'Inspected within the last' and 'Inspected more than' have been switched
  • [SONAR-4107] - Deleting a quality profile leads to removing all associations between quality profiles and projects
  • [SONAR-4108] - Always display the full project name in the resource viewer title
  • [SONAR-4137] - Schema initialization error with MySQL 5.6 due to max index key length violation
  • [SONAR-4140] - An HTTP timeout exception might be thrown when launching a Sonar analysis on big project
  • [SONAR-4153] - If a language plugin defines default value for "sonar.cpd.<key>.minimumTokens", this value is never used

New Feature

  • [SONAR-1896] - File inclusion patterns
  • [SONAR-2227] - Manage dependency of a plugin on an group (parent plugin)
  • [SONAR-2291] - Provide a way to locally cache Sonar dependencies on file system from one Sonar analysis to another
  • [SONAR-2501] - Provide ability to record and display line coverage per test
  • [SONAR-2746] - Email new alerts
  • [SONAR-3108] - Provide a way to exclude some source files from the duplication detection mechanism
  • [SONAR-3976] - Introduce the concept of plugin group (ex Java and .Net)
  • [SONAR-4087] - Java API to handle tests


  • [SONAR-4112] - Remove the unused/deprecated metrics "Complexity/paragraph" and "Paragraph"


  • [SONAR-2760] - Ability to exclude source folders from source code analysis (the same way it's possible to exclude some packages for instance)
  • [SONAR-3317] - The dry run mode doesn't support the tracking of violations
  • [SONAR-3434] - Drilldown: Allow files to be opened in new tabs
  • [SONAR-3583] - Violation tracking mechanism should load missing rule IDs
  • [SONAR-3692] - Add new widget property types
  • [SONAR-3739] - ProjectFileSystem#getBuildOutputDir() should return a list of folders
  • [SONAR-3860] - Improve the Sonar Source Code Importer to filter BOM character
  • [SONAR-3884] - Roles & Filters use different alphabetization
  • [SONAR-3948] - The bulk deletion page should allow to delete a project definition which doesn't have any associated quality snapshots
  • [SONAR-3959] - Extensible email distribution
  • [SONAR-3992] - Use a dynamic component to select a metric in the Quality Profile / Alert page
  • [SONAR-3999] - Handle error when a truncated license key is entered
  • [SONAR-4003] - Make the "Action Plans" widget support a new option to display or not the closed reviews in each action plan
  • [SONAR-4025] - add filter description to filter widget
  • [SONAR-4027] - The isn't any input field having the focus when opening a modal window with Internet Explorer
  • [SONAR-4031] - In the Compare service, it should always be possible to select the "LASTEST" snapshot even if there isn't any version on a project
  • [SONAR-4032] - Add the 'sonar.skippedModules' property to the Settings>Exclusions page
  • [SONAR-4036] - Do not filter the unit test source files in the 'Components' page
  • [SONAR-4042] - When saving a Measure Filter from a page which is not the first result page, this page is always displayed by default
  • [SONAR-4048] - improve access denied message during analysis
  • [SONAR-4053] - The semaphore mechanism should automatically detect when an other semaphore is outdated and so can/should be ignored
  • [SONAR-4055] - Keep "conditions_to_cover" and "conditions_by_line" measure history
  • [SONAR-4067] - Remove compatibility with deprecated packaging of plugins
  • [SONAR-4068] - Upgrade to Rails 2.3.15
  • [SONAR-4070] - Sonar API doesn't cater for specifying attributes for XML tags in Maven plugin configuration
  • [SONAR-4071] - Make it possible to localize the widget property keys
  • [SONAR-4078] - When having a lot of projects (let's say > 1'000) and when using Oracle, displaying the list of all projects can be really long and CPU intensive
  • [SONAR-4081] - Improve the way rule keys are shown on the quality profile page
  • [SONAR-4088] - Sort available widgets by name when editing a dashboard
  • [SONAR-4098] - Use a new "pop-up/detach" icon to indicate that a new window containing a resource viewer can be detached
  • [SONAR-4100] - Provide the ability for a Sonar user to activate an email notification per project
  • [SONAR-4102] - 'Organisation' field on 'Server ID' tab must not accept special characters
  • [SONAR-4110] - Log server ID, when it exists, at startup
  • [SONAR-4127] - Remove the empty directories /extensions/rules/checkstyle|pmd from distribution
  • [SONAR-4129] - Few new icons
  • [SONAR-4138] - Deleting a manual metric should lead to deactivate the metric in the Sonar DB and not to fully drop it
  • [SONAR-4160] - Add violation data to dry run json report

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