Release Notes - SonarPHP - Version 2.7 - HTML format



  • [SONARPHP-472] - NPE on rule (S1481) "Unused local variables should be removed"
  • [SONARPHP-486] - Pass cost value for rules with linear SQALE
  • [SONARPHP-555] - Support ASP-like tags "<%" and "%>"
  • [SONARPHP-557] - False positive ExpressionComplexityCheck on unrelated logical expressions
  • [SONARPHP-558] - False-positive FunctionDefineOutsideClassCheck: nested functions
  • [SONARPHP-560] - False-positive OverridingMethodSimplyCallParentCheck: different order of parameters
  • [SONARPHP-563] - False positive FormattingStandardCheck: indentation check for callee on several lines
  • [SONARPHP-566] - False positive StringLiteralDuplicatedCheck: should ignore ExpandableStringLiteral

New Feature

  • [SONARPHP-270] - Add ability to define custom rules in Java
  • [SONARPHP-475] - Rule: Multiline blocks should be enclosed in curly braces
  • [SONARPHP-476] - Rule: Short-circuit logic should be used to prevent null pointer dereferences in conditionals
  • [SONARPHP-582] - Rule: Non-empty statements should change control flow or have at least one side-effect
  • [SONARPHP-583] - Symbol highlighting


  • [SONARPHP-480] - Activate "Method arguments with default values should be last" in the PSR2 profile
  • [SONARPHP-481] - Predefined profiles should use the default severity of rules
  • [SONARPHP-485] - Update maven groupId


  • [SONARPHP-479] - Update DuplicateBranchImplementationCheck: cover ternary operator
  • [SONARPHP-484] - The "line_coverage" metric should not be fed
  • [SONARPHP-498] - Document all model interfaces
  • [SONARPHP-501] - NPE in rule "Unused local variables" (S1481)
  • [SONARPHP-551] - TooManyReturnCheck: wrong line of issues
  • [SONARPHP-556] - False-negative in ConstructorDependencyInversionCheck
  • [SONARPHP-559] - False-negative Rule "Credentials should not be hard-coded" should raise issues on constants and static variables
  • [SONARPHP-561] - CodeFollowingJumpStatementCheck: raise issue on the line of jump statement
  • [SONARPHP-562] - CodeFollowingJumpStatementCheck : raise issues in global scope
  • [SONARPHP-564] - False-negative in DeprecatedPredefinedVariablesUseCheck
  • [SONARPHP-565] - False-negative in FileWithSymbolsAndSideEffectsCheck on embedded HTML
  • [SONARPHP-570] - BooleanEqualityComparisonCheck: issue wrong line
  • [SONARPHP-571] - False-negative on rule BooleanEqualityComparisonCheck
  • [SONARPHP-573] - Improve syntax highlighting for expression embedded in strings
  • [SONARPHP-574] - Function complexity should be incremented if the last return is nested in another statement
  • [SONARPHP-581] - Support cancellation of analysis

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