Release Notes - SonarLint For IntelliJ - Version 6.8 - HTML format


  • [SLI-608] - AlreadyDisposedException on getting project in taint analysis
  • [SLI-627] - Timeout when trying to open big solutions with many projects
  • [SLI-643] - [C#] Cannot analyse projects with implicit usings
  • [SLI-678] - Duplicated issues when opening a project with a file already opened
  • [SLI-692] - Read access not allowed when checking file exclusions
  • [SLI-696] - Wrong MSBuild version detected for .NET 6 projects on non-windows machines
  • [SLI-702] - UnsupportedOperationException when modifying the servers list
  • [SLI-705] - Error while displaying rule description for taint issues
  • [SLI-708] - Error when the embedded server can't start
  • [SLI-723] - Invalid text range when annotating a taint vulnerability
  • [SLI-724] - ConcurrentModificationException when iterating over modules
  • [SLI-729] - UI freeze when opening rule description while server is unreachable
  • [SLI-734] - Severity and type synchronization is lost during on the fly analysis
  • [SLI-743] - Skip creating an annotation when the issue range marker has invalid offsets


  • [SLI-639] - Ensure we support C# analysis on Apple Silicon
  • [SLI-728] - Update build dependencies
  • [SLI-730] - Update remote-robot in ITs
  • [SLI-740] - Do not rely on scheduled for removal/internal/deprecated APIs
  • [SLI-742] - Raise minimal supported version to 2020.3


  • [SLI-594] - Change location of issue store to support Rider multi-solutions in same folder
  • [SLI-616] - Update OmniSharp to 1.39.0
  • [SLI-628] - Consider the correct .sln file when there are multiple in project baseDir
  • [SLI-694] - Use embedded JS/TS/HTML/Kotlin/Ruby/XML analyzer only
  • [SLI-710] - Change toolwindow icon to follow UI guidelines
  • [SLI-712] - Update embedded JavaScript analyzer to
  • [SLI-713] - Update embedded CFamily analyzer to
  • [SLI-718] - Update embedded C#/VB.Net analyzer to 8.41
  • [SLI-719] - Update embedded Java analyzer to
  • [SLI-721] - Update embedded PHP analyzer to
  • [SLI-725] - Update embedded Python analyzer to
  • [SLI-736] - Update embedded Ruby analyzer to
  • [SLI-741] - Update embedded JavaScript analyzer to

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